High hardness and low deformity plain washers, punched washers, and level washers from TFIT Fasteners can be utilized as a spacer or a heap wholesaler. The washers are intended for natural insurance. Washers from TFIT Fasteners additionally give scraped area obstruction and consumption counteraction. With great electrical and warm conductivity, our washers can be utilized in sheet metal work, plumbing, auto body development and fix, and other electrical applications.

For dependable strength, the washers are made with excellent steel, metal, and different materials. The washers come in enormous measurements for explicit applications requiring a lot of surface burden decrease. Plain washers likewise give protection against intensity and power and keep the strung material from taking the intensity. Our level and punched washers are generally used to spread the heap over a wide surface and go about as an obstruction between the latch and surface when the opening is bigger than the nut.

plain washer

We are producer and provider of Plain Washers. These are unequivocally planned parts that are valued for their predominant completion, layered precision and durable development. These washers have a pitch like reinforced covering, which decrease rubbing and give great opposition from different synthetic compounds like acids and base. These washers are otherwise called Level washers/Round washers/Plate washers and so on.

Our item range is profoundly anticipated and expected among our clients due to its exceptional a-list elements and presently the stand by is done with our spic and span offering Plain Washer.

The interesting planning and state of the art innovation utilized makes certain to overwhelm our clients. The assembling of our items is finished utilizing preeminent quality natural substance at our incredibly progressed fabricating units.


Material in Stock :-

. Metal plain washer according to Indian Norms (I.S.)2016, Clamor and American Principles in mm and Inches
. M.S. Plain washer according to Indian Norms (I.S.) 2016, Clamor and American Principles in mm and Inches
. Copper BSP plain washer
. Aluminum Plain Washer
. Fiber Plain washer
. S.S. Plain washer according to Indian Norms (I.S.) 2016 in Grades 202, 304 and 316 in mm and Creeps according to the Thickens you require

Item Reach: – Thickness 0.1mm to 10mm

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