b line strut channelThe B Line Strut Channel is made in India by Nishant Steel Industries. Leading producer and fabricator of steel and aluminum products utilized in equipment support for commercial, industrial, utility, and OEM installations is B-Line Channel. We take great pride in the meticulous research, design, engineering, and manufacturing standards that go into each and every product that makes up our range of struts. One of the most comprehensive support systems available in the market, comprising metal frame, cable tray, pipe hangers, slotted angle, and fasteners, is available to our customers.


The Underwriter’s Laboratories, Inc. has listed a number of our products. The Metal Framing Manufacturer Association (MFMA) and other industry standards for strut systems are met or exceeded by all of our products.

Strut system offering

  • Full line of solid channel, slotted hole (SH), long slotted hole (S) and other hole patterns available
  • Full line of fittings, clamps and strut supports
  • Wide variety of┬ástrut materials and finishes

For our B Line strut channel, we only use materials that are of a structural quality, which means they must adhere to strict chemical and physical (strength) standards. It is crucial to maintain the integrity of the support system by continuing to use structural grade materials as strut continues to replace angle iron and other conventional ASTM A36 structural steel shapes.

b line strut channel 2

Standard strut materials

  • Plain steel, ASTM A570 and A611 (structural grade)
  • Pre-galvanized steel, ASTM A653 SS (CSA Type II) (structural grade)
  • Stainless steel, AISI Type 304
  • Stainless steel, AISI Type 316

Standard strut finishes

  • Pre-galvanized, (CSA Type II) ASTM A653 SS G90
  • Hot dip galvanized after fabrication, (CSA Type 1) ASTM A123
  • Dura Green finish, electro-deposited epoxy
  • Dura-Copper finish