Flange NutsNishant Steel Industries specialize in production of wide range of Cold & Hot Forged Serrated Flange NutsThese Nuts are produced with high accuracy to meet the strict dimensional requirements of Automotive Industries.

Flange nuts from Nishant steel Industries Tfit Fasteners have a couple of the main attributes of a washer. They are utilized to spread the heap equitably to keep away from lopsided attaching surface of the activities. They likewise guarantee that the latches are set up without moving about freely. These wide Flange nuts can be utilized as a substitution to the nut and washer mix. Hence, these nuts are a practical and quality substitute for nuts and washers in the event that your task is an enormous scope one.

Flange weld nuts come in fluctuating sizes to permit its utilization with a few fasteners, each with various layered norms. One more benefit of these nuts is that they forestall the slackening of machining and electrical parts while as yet permitting the free parts to unreservedly move. Finding some kind of harmony, for this situation, must be finished with cautious adjustments. It is accessible in hardened steel, carbon steel, and combination steel to bear more mileage while likewise making it more consumption safe.

flange nuts