wheel boltsTFIT Fasteners has made considerable progress in laying out its picture as one of the cutting edge Wheel Bolts Producers In India. Industrial Fasteners, for example, Wheel Lock Bolt made by us are the portrayal of amazing elements and most ideal that anyone could hope to find artisanship in the business. We follow global modern standards while making our items to improve the nature of the items we make.

We offer an immense choice of wheel Bolts at TFIT Fasteners for all makes and models of vehicles fitted with one or the other unique or post-retail combination wheels.

It is urgent that your vehicle is fitted with the right bolts, generally your vehicle could be hazardous.

Whether you are changing your ongoing wheel bolts because of changing composite wheels, harm, erosion, or on the grounds that you are needing to utilize spacers, our un-resembled industry information and mastery can guarantee that you get the right wheel bolts for your vehicle and wheel blend.

TFIT Fasteners is one of the main Wheel Bolt Makers In India and assembling the best quality Wheel Bolt in the Ludhiana town. We come into the market to convey outstanding quality modern Fasteners We have Nuts, Stud Fasteners, Screws and Washers, Carriage Bolt, Machined Screws, and Hex nuts to address the business’ issues. We offer all the item range in norm and redo them as per your prerequisites.

  • Single spindle trigger wheel bolt tightening nut runner system.
  • Maximum tightening torque = 15-20 Nm.
  • Data Acquisition system for tracking.