TFIT fastener manufacturer the Heavy hex Structural bolts are intended for steel-to-steel underlying associations. Therefore, they are regularly extremely short. Except if generally indicated, F3125  bolts will have a Bound together Public Coarse string pitch. The F3125 Grades A325 and A490 particulars are not expected for general applications, including anchor bolts.

High strength fasteners Bolts or structural Bolts are made to be utilized with weighty hex nuts to associate underlying individuals. To be viewed as an underlying association, it needs to adjust to explicit ASTM norms; explicitly, ASTM A563 or ASTM A194.

Structural bolts are likewise arranged by grades. The evaluating framework thinks about the bolt’s material, its size range, its confirmation load, the base yield strength, and the base elasticity.

Bolt Product Line structural bolts

  • F3125 Heavy Hex Bolts
    • A325 Bolts
    • A490 Bolts
  • F3125 Tension Control Bolts
    • F1852 TC Bolts
    • F2280 TC Bolts
  • F436 Washers
  • DH Nutsstructural bolts