Allen Cap Screw

Allen Cap Screw

Socket Allen cap Screws have a small cylindrical head with tall vertical sides. Allen (hex socket) drive is a six-sided recess [Internal Hex Socket] for use with an Allen wrench (hex key). This design is the workhorse of the machine building industry. Allen Cap Screw

The most important reasons for the increasing use of socket head cap screws in industry are safety, reliability and economy. All three reasons are directly traceable to the superior performance of socket screws vs. other fasteners, and that is due to their superior strength and advanced design. Available in full thread Allen Cap Screws and half thread.

Standards: DIN 912, ISO 4762, Low Head – DIN 7984

Materials: Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel – AISI 304 and AISI 316, Titanium

Size Range: M1.6 to M24 up to 200mm length. 2-56UNC to 1″

Torx Socket Head Cap Screw ISO14579

This is an improvement on the popular Hex Socket Head Cap Screw. Instead of an Allen drive, the Hexalobular (6-Lobe) drive or Torx eliminates the few shortcomings of the allen drive.

Torx being a slipless drive is also able to take more tightening torque making this an extremely reliable screw option.

An additional benefit is reduced operator fatigue during installation of multiple screws.



Low Head Allen Cap ScrewAllen Cap Screw

Low head socket cap screws to DIN 7984 are designed to be used in special applications where head height clearance is a problem. Because of their reduced head height and smaller socket size, they normally cannot be pre-loaded as high as a standard socket head cap screw and should not be subjected to high dynamic loads.
Suitable for use in parts too thin for standard height socket cap screw and for applications with limited clearances.

Available with Hexagonal Socket Head and 6-Lobe (ISO-14580) Socket Head for more reliability.

DIN 7984 Low Head Allen Socket Cap SS-304 A2
DIN 7984 Low Head Allen Socket Cap SS-316 A4
ISO-14580 Low Head 6-Lobe Socket Cap SS-304 A2
ISO-14580 Low Head 6-Lobe Socket Cap Half Thread SS-304 A2