hex nutsHexagon hex nuts from TFIT Fasteners are broadly useful nuts made of treated steel for greatest toughness and strength. These nuts can be utilized for modern, petrochemical and business purposes. However, kindly note that for high strength modern screws, it is encouraged to utilize the correspondingly comparing modern nuts. It is likewise one of the most broadly involved latches for petrochemical applications. The tempered steel make altogether expands the existence of the nuts and thusly, builds the existence of the part it is utilized to plan.

The Hex Nuts Din  934 nuts are strung within, and give a decent grasp to when a gathering must be deteriorated. It likewise gives a high measure of force on the bolt it is mated with, when changes must be made to the development. Of the relative multitude of various sorts of nuts accessible on the lookout, hex screws are the most famous ones – this is because of the prevalence of its fastener partner, hex screws. TFIT Fasteners is a main a194 2h nut provider in India. We additionally transport the item to nations from around the world.


Metric: M6 to M72
Inches: 1/4” to 1-1/2”

hex nuts